Filmes Fantasma is a duo for the production and distribution of films by Ian Capillé & Gabriela Giffoni.

Filmes Fantasma has 7 short films in it’s catalog, which have been screened and awarded at various festivals in Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Greece, and the USA.

Who we are:

IAN CAPILLÉ (1991) is an editor and filmmaker. He holds a BA in Cinema and Audiovisual from UFF (2017, Brazil) and studied at Visual Arts School of Parque Lage for two years (2012, Brazil). Also attended Theater Theory at Unirio (2015, Brazil) and was part of theater groups and collectives with significant political engagement in Rio de Janeiro between 2012 and 2016. In 2017, he immigrated to Portugal, where he completed his master's degree on realism and ghosts in cinema at FBAUL, under tutoring of Susana de Sousa Dias (2023, Portugal).

He has edited films for directors such as Maria Clara Escobar, Leonardo Mouramateus, Diogo Baldaia, Helena Estrela, Francisca Manuel, Yuri Firmeza, and Gabriela Giffoni, premiering at festivals like Rotterdam, IDFA, Festival dei Popoli, IndieLisboa, and Doclisboa.

He is one of the founders of Laboratório da Cave, a collective for working with film and handmade analog cinema, and a member of CORTE - Portuguese Association of Film and Audiovisual Editors.

GABRIELA GIFFONI (1994) is a scriptwriter, a playwright, and a filmmaker born in Rio de Janeiro, living between San Sebastián and Lisbon. She holds a BA in Audiovisual Studies from UFRJ (2019, Brazil), and post-graduation in Literature from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2020, Portugal).

In her films, she often explores the boundaries and dialogues between documentary and fiction, especially the autofiction. They are mostly made with friends, amateur actors, and in spaces that are common to the film crew. From these elements, which she has some proximity to, she manages to tackle existential and political themes.

As screenwriter, she worked in script rooms in the development of projects of different formats and genres for channels like Amazon Prime, Fox Premium and HBO.

By 2021, in Lisboa, Gabriela documented the course on Real Time Composition by the Portuguese choreographer João Fiadeiro at PACAP, Fórum Dança. She was also assistant director in the film "Marla", by Maria Clara Escobar (in post-production).

She had a long training in performing arts and dramaturgy, wrote and performed a few plays, among them: “Lisboa e outros Títulos Aleatórios” (2016), an interactive play/performance with internet users of a video chat about romantic love in times of Chat Roullet; and “Monstrx” (2017), a scenic and video performance created in conjunction with the feminist collective Mulheres de Buço based on the books "Cyborg Manifesto" by Donna Haraway and "The Life of Plants" by Emanuele Coccia. She was also a playwright for important theater companies in Rio de Janeiro, such as Cia. de Teatro Voador Não Identificado and Cia. Volante.

Currently, Gabriela is taking the Master in Creation at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, in Spain, where she started the production of her first feature film, “Gabriela, Isabela, Louise, Lucía, Mireia, Tatjana y Natalia” and also developing the script of another feature film, “Estranho, estranho, estranho”.

Our history:

Filmes Fantasma was founded in 2014 by Ian Capillé. The first shorts he directed were shown in several festivals in Brazil, winning many awards, including the Revelation Award at São Paulo Intl Short Film Festival (which distinguishes the best debut film from all over Brazil) for Se (2013), from where it went to BogoShorts, in Bogotá, and to the Independent Film Awards, in Los Angeles, winning an Honorable Mention. Fio-terra (2014) competed for the Brazilian Film Grand Award (a kind of national "Oscars"), and won a series of trophies at university festivals, like the Brazilian University Film Festival, in Fortaleza, from where it returned with Best Film, Best Film by Critics, and Best Screenplay. Pra morrer basta tá vivo (2015), after premiering at Semana dos Realizadores (Rio de Janeiro), was invited to the Cinetekton - International Film and Architecture Festival, in Puebla, Mexico.

Gabriela and Ian met at 2015, and, in 2017, Filmes Fantasma moves to Lisbon, where they start the development of Hannah and the Clouds, a feature documentary project selected both for IndieLisboa's PLOT - Professional Script Lab, and for Arché at Doclisboa.

They also produce two short films written and directed by Gabriela Giffoni. Killing me Softly (2020), a film about the adventures of time and the encounters and mismatches of Brazilian immigrants on the streets of Lisbon, shown at Rio de Janeiro Intl Short Film Festival; and Eco de um soco no osso (2021), winner of Portuguese Film Fund's color grading award in 2020, with screenings at IndieLisboa, Rio de Janeiro ISFF, and Caminhos do Cinema Português.

Meanwhile, Bicho (2021), directed by Ian Capillé, premiered at Belo Horizonte IFF. In 2022, Ian was selected to artistic residency at Casa do Xisto (Portugal), and a selection of his films were presented in a solo exhibition at Associação Cultural Cosmos in Lisbon. By 2023, The river and the labyrinth (2023) premiered at IndieLisboa, followed by screenings at Lago Film Fest (Italy), and Drama ISFF (Greece), where it received a Special Mention. In the same year,  rehearsal for dream (2023) won the Jury Prize for Best Film at FUSO - Lisboa International Videoart Festival.

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